Substance - Portsmouth Artists Book Event

Substance - Portsmouth Artists Book Event
Substance - Portsmouth Artists Book Event

Sunday, 25 February 2018

SUBSTANCE - Portsmouth's Artists Book Event 2018 - Update


Portsmouth's Artists Book Event 2018

ASPEX GALLERY, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth

SUNDAY 18th March 2018 ~ 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.


We have an event packed with fun, interest and challenge for everyone who enjoys their culture in a more physical literary form. If you like books, art, poetry and performance, there will be something exciting for you at Substance

We have Winchester School of Art bringing along their Risograph printing machine, to produce a live 'zine at the event, of the event, during the event. - Generative Remix involves students from Winchester School of Art creating a responsive publication taking in the day’s events, a remix of the day. Using Xerox and Risography, Students will then create an edition of this publication at the end of the day.

You can contribute and have your work in print at the end of the day.

Danny Aldred of Winchester School of Art has also arranged a short series of talks by Artists Book practitioners Egidija Čiricaitė, Suzuki-Bosco, and Catherine Polley

There will be handmade, hand bound, hand illustrated books in a grand range of subjects, styles and formats to peruse, examine, discuss and even to buy; performances by poets, readings by writers, and characters coming to life to tell you their stories. 

Our line up includes; staff and students from University of Portsmouth Illustration (including Ministry of Books, Illustration and Interior Design students), 

Winchester School of Art Graphic Design, 
Artists Books Online - collective of artist book makers, 
Pete Kennedy// Apuldram//Apulhead Originals, 
Mark Beechill// Less Than 500 Press, 
Tracey Bush// Fathom Five Books, 
Eileen White, 
Helen Scalway, 
Jan Fairbairn-Edwards, 
Murray Marshall// Transrational Publications, 
and Lee Shearman//Microlibrary Books.

In addition we have performances and readings by poet Majid Dhana//Jidos Reality, who was recently an artist-in-residence at Aspex, Portsmouth based writers Christine Lawrence and Amanda Garrie from UoP Creative Writing course, Portsmouth Writers' Hub and many others.

It promises to be a day of vibrant creative activity and powerful engagement with the theme of Substance.

Find out more from Aspex event pages HERE.

Who's showing?

Pete Kennedy - Apuldram//Apulhead Originals -

The Ladies Of The Press - Website HERE 

The performative publishing duo Ladies of the Press* presents ‘Explode Your Letters’, an exquisite corpse inspired, live drawing and printmaking performance that aims to produce a disjointed love letter to the typographic form: the audience will be invited to join the Ladies* in deconstructing a letter (in all its shapes and forms) which will be merged and layered on the spot to come together in a series of experimental Risograph remix of prints distributed to all present.

About Ladies of the Press*
The Ladies of the Press* is a multidisciplinary artist duo that re-imagines the role of the publisher and publicist into a theatrical persona, mixing live art and printmaking through pop-up, on-the-go publishing performances. We use the concept of publishing as a medium, and make art as publishing.

 Photography by Dom Moore, Counter 2015.

 Photography by Dom Moore, Counter 2015.

Jan Fairbairn-Edwards - Website HERE

Murray Marshall - Transrational Publications - Website HERE


Mark Beechill - Less Than 500 Press - Website HERE


Helen Scalway - Website HERE


Artists Books Online

Noelle Griffiths, Frans Baake, Andrew Morrison and other artists from the collective.

Eileen White -

Tracey Bush -
Two Images from her book 'DUSK' produced as part of a residency at the Publisher Hub at WSA. 1 from 'The Last Voyage' launched at the SPF in 2017.

Lee Shearman Microlibrary Books -


  1. It is great to see the Shrewd Idiot & his guide Apulhed appearing in the line up. The Shrewd Idiot will no doubt attempt to move & groove at Substance and Apulhed, he'll be surfing on the Cosmic Wave.

  2. This was a really enjoyable event and one with which I felt privileged to be involved. Connecting with other writers spoken word artists and practitioners of other art forms is always worthwhile, but Los Dave managed a cohesive collective in this instance. I purchased two of Lee Shearman's fabulous micro-books, having also attended a lecture that he gave at The University of Portsmouth, a few days before. They will remain treasured possessions as well as an inspiration that both takes me back to William Blake's innovative story and art combinations, of 200 years ago, but into the future - where self-publishing sees not only a re-emergence of the zine, but can be something very personal and compellingly creative.